About Us

We are passionate about our origins, lovers of traveling.

Our greatest desire is allowing and providing our travelers the opportunity to experience Korean culture firsthand and get to know what its wonderful nature has to offer. 

This new brand was conceived out of the devotion of bringing our origins to the country and continent we have been calling home for the last 20 or so years.

Korea Tour is a new brand within Buenos Tours group that has been created to offer tour packages within South Korea.

Our trips are led by bilingual tour guides throughout the whole journey, accompanying our travelers the whole time and under any circumstances. Hotel, transportation and gastronomic options are of the best quality in order to ensure that our travelers feel safe and have a pleasant trip.

Our services are meant to be offered to both direct 

clients and travel agencies seeking a partner in order to sell tour packages in this beautiful country.

Our travel agency has the most knowledgeable people about Korea, all of whom will be most delighted to provide the help and information you may need. We offer you an unforgettable journey/experience / a dream come true. Let us help you discover the wonders of South Korea./ Let's discover the wonders of South Korea together.


Meet our members!

Mi Hee Fundadora

Mi Hee

Founder of My Buenos Tours & CEO

Offices Buenos Aires
Savio Lee


Founder of My Buenos Tours & tour guide in Argentina and South Korea

Offices Buenos Aires
Valentina Asesora Comercial


In charge of K-pop Tour

Offices Buenos Aires
Samuel Operativo de vuelos


In charge of flights

Offices Buenos Aires
Lucas Operativo de facturación


In charge of reservations and invoicing

Offices Buenos Aires
Nata Guia y coordinador de grupos


Patagonia tour guide

Offices Calafate
Operativa de servicios en la Patagonia argentina.


In charge of Patagonia reservations

Offices Calafate
Fabiola Agente de ventas


In charge of flights to and from Bolivia

Offices Bolivia
Guía y Coordinadora Perú


Guia y Coordinadora Perú

Offices Lima - Perú
Gerente Comercial Unidad Emisiva

Gabriel Kim

Gerente Comercial Unidad Emisiva

Offices Buenos Aires

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